Prof Sheila MacNeil


Photograph of Professor Sheila MacNeil

Sheila MacNeil is Professor of Tissue Engineering in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, joining the department in 2000. She has an undergraduate degree in physiology from the University of Aberdeen and a doctorate on the endocrinology of manic depression from the Medical School of the University of Sheffield.

She is academic lead of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Group within the Department. Members of this group: Professor John Haycock, Readers Dr Ihtesham Rehman, Senior Lecturers Dr Frederik Claeyssens, Dr Gwen Reilly, Lecturer Dr Vanessa Hearnden and Research Fellow Dr Nicola Green.

She has previously been Deputy Director of the Kroto Research Institute (from 2005 to 2009) and Director of the University Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering from 2002 to 2009, promoting interdisciplinary research between engineering, physical sciences and life sciences. She was also a founding Director of the University of Sheffield spin-out company, CellTran Limited from 2000 to 2007 which developed the product Myskin™ which is used by burns centres throughout the UK.

Her research focuses on the development of tissue engineered skin and other epithelial tissues (oral mucosa, oesophagus, bladder, pelvic floor and cornea) and has successfully developed tissue engineered skin products through to commercialisation (MySkin™ and Cryoskin™)  to benefit patients with severe burns and chronic wounds.  Recent tissue engineering challenges include development of scaffolds for repair of the female pelvic floor, biomaterials to deliver corneal cells to patients and development of hybrid biomaterials for cleft palate repair.  She seeks to translate clinical benefit for patients by working closely with clinical colleagues in Burns, Dermatology and Urology.  She is working with colleagues in India to develop an alternative to the amniotic membrane for transplantation of corneal limbal stem cells for patients with scarring of the cornea.

She led a team of academic staff which established a cross faculty BEng, MEng in Bioengineering  in 2011, which received accreditation in 2014.

Sheila recently featured in the global dissemination publication; International Innovation. You can view the article here.

Key projects

Her current projects include simplifying the challenge of corneal regeneration (working with colleagues in LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India with Wellcome funding).  This study has now entered into a first-in-man clinical safety study in India.  She is developing biomaterials for repair of the weakened tissues of the pelvic floor (with Prof Chris Chapple, Consultant Urologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals).  She is also working on approaches for repairing burns contractures and scarring using a one-stage approach to combining patient’s tissues with an instructional biodegradable synthetic scaffold. She also has funding on early detection of infection in the cornea (with Prof Steve Rimmer in Chemistry, University of Bradford and Prof Ian Douglas in Sheffield) and is part of two funded networks on developing alternative approaches to the use of antibiotics to tackle bacterial infection (one with India funded through MRC-DBT and one in the UK funded by EPSRC).

Group members

Post Doctoral Research Associates

Dr Anthony J Bullock
Dr Sabiniano Roman
Dr Natalya Doroshenko
Dr Ahtasham Raza
Dr Rahaf Issa


Marcela Garcia Martinez
Samand Pashneh-Tala
Serkan Dikici

Clinical Research Fellows

Kavita Sharma
Naside Mangir

Research Interests

Tissue Engineering
Biomaterials for soft tissue repairs
Clinical Translation

External links

Key Papers Prior to 2010 [with number of citations]

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Publications (2010 to date)

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